Monday, 2 July 2012

Changes, Changes and... Changes!

The code relatives to chart is finally ok..
Now the program is capable to:
  • plot a chart with the data ordered by date
  • put the correct label on the chart ticks
  • put an explicative label on the axis
  • calculate a good y-range for displaying the chart (see this option of pycha)
  • for every click on one of the symbol on the stocks list, it display the last month of data on the chart.
  • I added a reload button... if you want you can trash all your dowloaded data and download it again.
About pycha: this is the complete list of options and if you want to specify ticks labels, you need to give pycha something like this:


{'v': 0, 'label': 'day1'},
{'v': 1, 'label': 'day2'},
{'v': 2, 'label': 'day3'}


It is a list of dictionary.
so record 0 will have day 1 on the first tick.. and so on...

Tomorrow I will spend my after-work time, trying to put it on the ppa and making it ready for the ubuntuappshowdown!

Last screenshot here:

After that, I will spend my resting time for:
  • finish about page.
  • unity integration.
  • make it possible to change data displayed on chart
  • caching data (I want to reduce queries to yahoo whenever is possible).

I need also some graphics.. for icons at least.


  1. Am really happy of what your app turning to, but it would be cool if you use to black icon set those that use in apps like Qreator []!
    am so excited to use it when it will be available on Ubuntu Software Center :)

    1. Really thanks you for your feedback!
      I will take in count your advices!

      I'm working on uploading all the staff on launchpad..I hope to catch it soon!